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Substance abuse happens when a person takes drugs that are illegal. It also happens when they are drinking alcohol, taking prescription medications, or other legally approved substances but taken excessively or in the wrong way. In contrast to addiction, substance abuse can be treated. People who are abusing substances can, in fact, decide to quit or replace their unhealthy practice.

Do you or someone you know take substances in a wrong or excessive way? If you’re seeking for effective and efficient means to receive treatment for substance abuse, come to us at Mercy Medical Practice.

The significant distinction of our substance abuse treatment is that we acknowledge your preference to receive interventions in your own home. When you are unable to visit our clinic for whatever reason, we will be glad to provide home visits. Every person who intends to make that positive change deserves to be helped. So even when you’re at home and prefer to get your treatments there, we will come to you.

At Mercy Medical Practice, we always put your health and recovery concerns on top of our list. Our highly skilled and compassionate healthcare team will help preserve your health needs while promoting confidentiality and quality service.

When curative measures are no longer practical, we focus on the next best thing to help you maintain an independent and fulfilling life. Please feel free to inquire about our pain management service by calling us today.